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Our mission is to supply living historians, re-enactors and collectors with
historically accurate replicas of
16th and 17th century Polish and East European
, gear and clothing.

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Eryk Stefan Jadaszewski

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Polish Re-enactors Handbook
(2nd edition)
See the 'Links and Books' page to get a
copy of my book on  17th century
Polish-Lithuanian re-enacting,  85 pages
and lots of color photos.
Only 19.99 plus shipping
Lithuanian and                                   Ukrainian Cossack                         Muscovite-Russian                          Ottoman-Turkish
Belarussian Kits                                             Kits                                                  Kits                                                  Kits
1570-1620 Hussar Armor     1620-1670 Hussar Armor      Unique Creations     1670-1700 Hussar Armor       Karacena Scale Armor
    Brocade Zupons                                     Wool Zupons                                     Kontusz Coats                                  Delia Cloaks
Sashes and Fur Caps                    Boots, Pants and Shirts                      Weapons and Sabers                              Tatar Kits
Cossack Ammo Pouches            Sashes, many colors                               Cartridge Cases                                    Saber Belts
Steppe Archery cases                     Nadziak                                 Sabers                                   Czekans                    Piernacz Maces
               Anima Breast Plate                                                                                                                     Classic Hussar
Full Hussar Armor and Wings                                                                                                   Boots, Clothings and Weaponry
Our New Line of Period
Sabers and Scabbards.  
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