Polish Hussar Supply Plus
Pancerni Cossacks
In the mid to late 17th cen. the most numerous cavalrymen in
Poland were the Pancerni Cossacks or just Pancerni.   They were
made up nobility from the middle class through out the
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and had their origins in the
eastern lands with influences from the Turks, Tatars and other
Steppe cultures.  They should not be confused though with the
true Zaporazhian Cossacks of the Southern Ukraine although this
type of calvaryman was common their too.
They were skilled horsemen that could fight as mounted archers,
lancers or charge with pistols and sabers.  They carried a wide aray
of weapons such as bow and arrow, short lance, carbine rifle,
saber, koncerz, war hammer and pistols.
Their armor was a chain mail coat and a unique helmet called a
Misiurka.  This helmet was a veil of chain mail attached to a steel
disc which sat high on the riders head due to a padded cap.  Like
the hussars they wore a wool zupon and yellow or black boots.
Let us outfit you as a noble Pancerni
Above, one of the best illustrations of a
Polish Pancerni rider by acclaimed
Croatian illustrator Velimir Vuksic.
Zupan Garment
For a pancerni office, zupons may be
brocade or wool.

Bow and Arrow Cases
Heavy leather and brass fittings
(we don't sell the bow and arrows)
Wool Zupan
See them on the 'Clothing Page'.
They can be lined with linen or silk.

War Hammers
See them on the Weaponry's page
Cavalry Boots
Custom made in maze yellow, red, black
or brown.
other types of cavalry.