A Brief History Of Polish Hussar Armor
Polish Hussar armor evolved in the 16th and 17th centuries to be
light, strong and very articulate, not to mention beautiful.  
Occasionally, hussars and their armor have been misinterpreted
by some Western historians as a throwback to older periods.  
Actually, they were a direct result of the development of the
modern armies and firepower of the time.  The Polish and
Lithuanian hussars used speed, shock, super long lances, skill and
bravery to crush their opponents, whether they were Eastern
horsemen or the Western infantry.  
Polish hussar armor was constantly evolving.
Starting in the late 16th cen. with 'anima' breast plates over mail
shirts to the highly ornate 'classical' style armor of the mid 17th
century.  By the end of the century hussar armor becomes lighter
and simpler.  At the higher end of the spectrum was 'Karacena'
scale armor, worn in the late 17th and early 18th century by the
wealthiest of noble officers.

Our Polish Hussar Armor    
Each piece of our armor is unique and custom made.  Just as
armorers did 400 years ago, I use heavy gauge steel on the breast
plate and light gauge steel on the rest of the armor.  Each piece
is riveted together in the traditional way and adorned with brass
scalloped trim.
Contact me for a quote on a whole suit and wings, or you can just
buy one piece at a time, whatever fits your budget.

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I have references for a dozen different variations of Polish
hussar armor.
Let me custom make you a suit of hussar armor from the
early years of the hussars (late 1500's) or the more
classical type (mid 1600's), or armor with Sarmatian
influences from the late 1600's and early 1700's.

A full kit includes:
Szyszak helmet
Breast plate
Back plate
Gorget neck collar
Set of shoulder Paldron
Set of Karwasz arm guards
One Wing or two
Leopard skin cloak

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Polish Hussar Supply Plus

I made this suit and wings for Karl at
Blades of Glory, a Canadian
educational and entertainment
My good friend in Warsaw,
Bartosz, with a late 16th/
early 17th century Anima
style hussar breast plate.
Here is a sample of the hussar breastplates I
create. You'll find helmets and other elements
of hussar armor on the 'More Armor' page.
Hussar wing sets
Anima armor with it's multiple
'lames' or bands of steel from the
late 16th and early 17th century.
mid 17th century was commonly
decorated with religious symbols of
our Catholic faith.