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Hussar Leather Boots
Polish noblemen and especially the winged hussar often wore maze colored riding boots.   
These boots are made by Poland's best period boot maker from high quality leather .  We can have
them made for you in a variety of sizes and colors, yellow/gold, red, black or brown.
Contact me at eryksj@gmail.com
Eastern European riding boots are a classical element of the Polish winged hussars, Pancerni
Cossacks and other nobles throughout Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldavia and even the
Ottoman Empire.
We can also order for you dragoon boots, Western cuirassier boots, nobleman's boots, musketeer
shoes and yellow ankle boots, popular in the 16th and early 17th centuries.

The boots on this page are handmade in Poland, tell us your size, type and color preference and
we'll get you a quote, then we can send you a measurement chart
The 'Ultimate' Hussar replica boots                                             Above,  Example of 'steel' heels
                                                  Contact me for pricing.
Above, left, 'Wladyslaw' ankle boots, late 16th and early 17th cen.
Above, right - 'Stanislaw' yellow ankle boots worn by Polish and Hunagarian nobles in the mid to late 16th cen.
through the early 17th cen.
Contact me for pricing.
Szlachta 1 Boots in red
Szlachta 2 Boots in brown
Hetman 2 Boots in red  
Hetman 1 Boots in brown
Husarz 1 in classic yellow
Husarz 4 in burgundy
Husarz 2 in black
Husarz 2 in red
Husarz 2 in brown