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Period Clothing
What are the articles of clothing are needed to be a Reenactor in the Eastern European style?

Let start with the basics.
Shirts - white linen undershirts.
Period undershirts made from linen, we can also make them from silk, in small, medium, large
and extra large.
Starting at $79.00
Hand stitched embroidered shirts are $110.00, all made in Belarus

Zupans, this is our specialty and the most important garment!  The zupan is the daily man's
garment worn in the 16th, 17th and 18th century in Poland.  Please click on our Zupan Page to
the left to learn about them and order one.
Red brocade zupan with gold
brocade sash, Hungaran-Polish
saber and hussar boots.
Blue brocade zupan custom made
for a Lithuanian reenactor in MI.
Pancerni blue                        Poor noble's gray                       Hussar red                            Cossack yellow
with yellow lining                       with gray lining                    with yellow lining                       with red lining
Magnate's red
with yellow lining
with beige lining
made in a few weeks. Starting at $110.00 USD plus shipping from Belarus.
Sash and Belts
Wealthy nobles wrapped themselves just above the waist in fine sashes made from woven fabrics.  They were almost
cermonially fasted as the final touch of a nobleman
's attire.  See they on our 'Sashes' page.

Saber Belts can be found on the Accessories page
Period trousers are made from medium weight linen or wool. Draw lace in the front and laces to tie at the cuffs.
Starting at $99.00

Kontusz, a nobleman's coat, often adorned with braids across the chest and long falling sleeves which hung at the
sides.   Kontuszes were worn by Lithuanians and Cossacks as well.
Delia a wealthy nobleman's coat.  Often red or gold with a large fur collar.  The inside is lined with a contrasting
colored silk or linen.  Delia's often had fur collars and fur trim along the edges.  Collars
can be faux or real fur, price is subject to fur costs.

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