Polish Hussar Supply Plus
Broaches for Kolpak and Magierka Caps
Noblemen and noble ladies commonly worn decorative broaches with plume holders on their caps.  
As you can see by some of the portraits of nobles they broaches were adorn with precious stones.  
Our craftsman in Poland recreates these period inspired hat broaches for us.  On the back side is
an affixed safety pin and a plum holder.  Pictures below from April 2019 inventory.
Broach with Unikit stones
Cap broach with Amethyst
stones and brass details
Cap broach with Amethyst stone,
silver and brass details.
Cap Broach
with Coral
red stone
Cap broach with Karneol stone.
Plume holders on the backs of all
Cap broaches called Trzęsienie
Pronounced tsh en shen nieh
Agat Stone with brass details.
Reenactor with one of our
Magierka caps and broach
Polish Reenactor
below with Kolpak
broach and delia
cloak clasp.
Szkofie broaches can also be worn on either Kolapk fur caps
or Magierka black caps a larger and more decorative.
Used on both men's and ladies caps.  Plume holders on back.
Here is the back of the broaches, you can see
the heavy duty holding feathers and or plumes.
$114.00 to $124.00 plus  
shko fee eh
in Polish.
Above, szkofia broach a kolpak cap.

Left, one of our designs complete with a
kolpak fur cap broach and a delia cloak
and clasp.

Right, nobles with Magierka caps,
broaches and plumes circa 1605.
Delia or Cloak clasp
$119.00 can be used on
Faux Leopard or faux
Wolf pelts for Hussars
and Turks.
Cloak Claps sets from Poland.  These handmade reproductions of period cloaks
clasps are adorn with gemstones like Agate and Turquoise.  Some even have silver and
brass details.   Called 'zapony' in Polish.
Some sets, like those on the left, have a matching Kolapk cap broach as well.
two sets the same. These are examples of what he can do.  If you like one of these and
it is not in stock we can request a similar one be made.
combination Delia
cloak clasp and
Kolapk fur cap
broach set.$189.00