Our products are generally hand made one at
a time either by myself here in the US or by a
variety of craftspeople in Poland and Belarus.

Our Belarussian clothing is always made with
period fabrics like wool and linen as well as silks
and brocades upon request.
Real fur is used in our caps and capes but faux fur
can be substituted upon request.
All of our Polish made footwear and belts are
made from genuine leather and our handmade
Polish jewelery incorporates semi precious stones.  
We are very excited to also offer a line of Polish
made sashes which are woven on a loom in the
traditional way!

Our mission is to provide our customers with high
quality 16th and 17th century replicas.  
Reenactors and Living Historians can then present
and promote this rich history and heritage while
having a great time!

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examples of what we can do for you.

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Polish Hussar Supply Plus
At the momemnt we are
not taking armor
orders.  We are still
looking for a new
location for a workshop.
Please keep checking
back with us.
Traditionally woven sashes from Poland.
Embroidered linen undershirts from Belarus.
Hand made saber belts with semi precious stones from Poland.

Starter Kits or entire custom made outfits complete with all the
What do you want to be? A Cossack a hussar, a peasant, an
Our new line of
Lady's clothing
from Belarus.

jewelery and
buttons from
Poland.  All
items are custom