Polish Hussar Supply Plus'
Wowen Sashes or 'Pas Kontuszowy'
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$198.00 plus shiping
$226.00 plus shipping
w/Silver thread
$283.00 plus shipping
This style of waist sash made their way into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from Persia and the Ottoman Empire.
These would have been worn by wealthy of nobles for major occasions like weddings, Mass, feligious fest days, banquets,
parades and senate functions. Their woven nature also protected the vital organs from saber slashes during duals!
These beautiful sashes are works of art as well so don't stowe them away with your gear, give them an honored place in
the home as a table mantle at holidays for example or a wall tapastry.  Today, gentlemen in Poland are wearing these
instead of cumber bums with tuxedos at weddings and family occasions
     These sashes will go perfectly with your nobleman's kit!

was published by National Museum in Krakow and The Metropolitan
Museum of Art."
All 5 historic designs are approx 11' long and 1 foot wide.  Now, check this
out!  If you notice these double sided sashes have 2 different patterns
running length wise on each side of the sash for a total of 4 different
patterns!  The 12" wide sashes can be folded in half length wise to reveal 1
of the 4 patterns.  This means you have 4 different sashes in 1!
Weather you are portraying a 17th century Polish hussar, a wealthy
Ukrainian noble, a powerful Lithuanian Magnate or a dancer in an 18th
century Polonez group these are just what you need to complete your kit!