Polish Hussar Supply Plus
From the early 15th century Poland's Lithuanian born king 'Jagiello'
still there today.   
Several other nomadic tribes of Tatars controlled the northern coast
of the Black Sea and Crimea during the 16th and 17th century.
The Tatars retained their Asian Steppe culture, fashion and
weaponry and also influenced Polish fashion, weapons and even
hairstyles in the 17th century.
We offer any number of Tatar style items from custom made
clothing, sabers, boots and horse archery equipment.
Let us know if we can outfit you as a proud Tatar horseman.

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Tatar Robe
A brocade robe with silk lining and
tied with a red sash.  
I had Paul's Persian/Steppe boots
custom made by our historic boot
maker in Poland.
Kalkan Shields, used by the same troops that were using the horse archery sets.  
Hand made in Poland.  Several different patterns and colors to choose from.  
Tatars and Ottoman Turks  
Ottoman Turkish and Tatar Horsemen.
We would like to start making more 16th and 17th cen. Ottoman outfits, if there is a kit you'd like contact us.
16th. cen. Ottoman Ghazi
Mike from VA in a blue Turkish
wool kaftan coat, Eastern
cavalry boots, red sash, curved
saber and kalkan shield all
from Polish Hussar Supply Plus
Ottoman Armor
providing full kits of clothing and gear.
Kalkan shields were not only an
effective defensive in war but
beautiful works on art.  Originating
in Turkey their use spread across
Eastern Europe.  Polish nobles
adorned the walls of their manner
houses with these prised war tropies
and wore them during proceddions.