Polish Hussar Supply Plus
One nice feature we include is to not  put a slit up the back of the lower half of the garment.  
This way if the wearer is on horse back the zupan will cloak the horse's  back, showing off the
fine material.
Buttons are round to droop-shaped and hold the zupan closed with looped cord instead of button
holes.  Buttons and cord are on the cuffs as well.
Most zupons are lined on the inside with gold or beige silk or linen lining.   Other contrasting
color like red , black or blue were also used.
Our goal is to make period correct zupans with the unique characteristics that make them look
truly Polish. We can modify the pattern for a Hungarian, Cossack or Muscovite Russian look.
Zupans are custom made per individual but we do carry some stock zupans in S, M, L.  
Our period seamstress who will take your measurements and create custom made clothing just
for you.
Custom made zupans start at 600.00 plus shipping and handling. Starter or stock zupans run
around 250.00 with out buttons, add 75.00 for buttons.
Polish garments were heavily influenced by the
fashion of the Hungarians, Turks and Tatars who
border the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's
south-eastern frontier.
Red, gold, green and blue were popular colors for the
wealthy nobles.  Bright colors could be also seen worn
by poorer troops if outfitted by wealthy nobles in their
private units.   
Zupans for the wealthy were made of fine brocade,
velvet, silks as well as high quality wool or linen.  Less
wealthy nobles wore zupans in earthy colors like tans,
browns and especially gray in homespun wools and
Some of the classical characteristics of the zupan are
tight oriental collars, form fitting on the upper body,
and bell shaped below the waist (somewhat similar to
a priest's black cassock) with overlapping panels for
warmth in winter,  The knuckle length sleeves were
often extra long, tight from the elbow down and baggy
from the elbow up to the shoulder.  
Zupan, the daily garment worn by hussars, other
warriors and noblemen both at home and at war.  
a customer in RI.  
He wears a custom made 17th
century style zupan in
green wool with maze colored
hussar boots, blue sash and black
magierka felt cap.

To the left are more examples of
our custom made zupans with
brocade outer material and lined
with silk or fine linen.
Comes with period style droop
buttons and cord loops.
Starting at $600.00 plus shipping
and handling.