Polish Hussar Supply Plus
About Polish Hussar Supply Plus
Witam!  My name is Eryk Jadaszewski, since 2002  I've been helping living historians and
re-enactors develop 16th, 17th and 18th century Eastern European kits consisiting of period
arms, armor and clothing.   
Our specialty, the colorful and famous Winged Hussar knights of the 'Old Polish-Lithuanian
We construct kits for a wide variety of Eastern European warriors for folks around the world.  
Over the years I've developed good relationships with craftspeople, tailors and boot makers in
the US, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus and other countries.  

Please feel free to contact me if you are serious about period clothing, arms and or armor.
eryksj@gmail.com or by phone at 603 218-9443 during business hours.

Buzdygan maces, no welds, just period construction.
A large project for over a dozen breastplates for an 18th century cavalry troop in Indiana, the Kievskii Dragoons as well
as their French counterparts in PA.   
Right, Russian officer's breastplate with the royal emblem of Tsarina Elizabeta Petrovana Romanovskaya. Middle and
left are French breastplates from the 1750s.

Above, a suit of blackened winged hussar armor for a good
friend and 'big' customer in Indiana.
Justing Armor,
late 16th cen. style
suit of Polish
'anima' winged
hussar armor for a
customer in
Washington state.
Just in from Belarus
Great for summer events when fur
kolpak caps are too warm!  
Commonly worn in the late 16th /
early 17th centuries.
'NEW' Stock zupan kits, see the
Zupan page.
NEW' Infantry zupan kits, see the
Zupan page
'NEW" Sashes or 'Pas Kontuszowy'
made in Poland.
The highest quaity!
Real works of art!
Broaches and cloak clasps Made in Poland
'NEW' Linen undershirts with
hand embroidered collars,
made in Belarus.
Saber Belts, hand made in
Poland with real stones.